Beeper Sync 3.3


Known issues

Windows becomming not responding when using BeeperSync

Some people have experienced this problem when running BeeperSync on "Highest" process priority. I suspect that it may be related to some AMD processors and the way they implement multi-threading. The symptoms are that after syncing BeeperSync to UTC your windows desktop becomes less responsive or completely stops responding. In such a case you may need to do a hardware restart. Then the next time you start BeeperSync click on Configuration and select a lower process priority.

Running BeeperSync on old computers

It is adviced not to use BeeperSync on old computers (PIII or below) especially with a dial-up connection. If you want to do this (for test purposes only and not for a real beeper synchronisation) make sure you are using the "Broadband" optimization even if you have a dial-up connection. This will maintain a higher overall precision for a longer period of time.

Using BeeperSync with dial-up connections

If you are using BeeperSync on a dial-up connection make sure you synchronise your beeper as fast as possible after the synchronisation with the NTP server.

Multiprocessor machines

BeeperSync may not work on multiprocessor machines and this only applies to servers that have 2 (or more) physical CPUs. The multi-core processors are not affected as all logically CPUs are using the same clock.

CPUs changing their clock frequency

It is good to know that in some very rare cases it is possible that the CPU may change its frequency over time and affect BeeperSync measurements. This may happen if you are running WindowsXP and don't have the autoupdates enabled and your machine has Athlon 64 with the Cool and Quiet feature enabled or Pentium M, P4 or Xeon with SpeedStep feature enabled. The reason for this is that in those configurations the mentioned "features" actually change the frequency of the CPU clock while it is running and this directly affects BeeperSync measurements. If you have a system with one of these processors and you don't have the latest Windows updates then please install the following patch from Microsoft: Alternatevly you may check your BIOS settings and disable those features if present. Again in the majority of the cases you shouldn't have this sort of issue. Only investigate this more if you suspect any problems with the BeeperSync accuracy.