(194) Prokne occults HIP 90826 for 26.44 sec

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YouTube Video of the occultation.

The event was recorded with WAT-920H camera. This was my best event so far. Magnitude 7.4 star with a 3.5 mag drop so the asteroid remains visible during the occultation and a duration of 26 sec. I had a lot of luck for this one. There was a lot of cloud before the event and the target was fully clouded just 5 min before the event. There is also some thin cloud during the occulation as seen from the light curve.

Light curve.

Light curve with a comparison star shows the effect of a thin cloud passing in the FOV.

The occulted start before, during and after the occultation

Catalog comparison. All catalogs except UCAC3 were in agreement.

Tangra light curve file

Original prediction from IOTA Updates

Observation Report on RASNZ Occsection web site