(601) Nerthus occults 2UCAC 31183183 for 1.28 sec

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The event was recorded with WAT-120N+ video camera with no integration (1 frame integration). I left the system running and went to have dinner. When I got back the HDD was making noises and the video on the screen was looking choppy. It turned out that the file got corrupted. Luckily VirtualDub managed to recover big parts of it and around the time of the occultation there were no issues. I first got the times from the screen in VirtualDub and later managed to export as good video to measure in Tangra.

Light curve.

The screenshots of the disappearance and reappearance from VDub

Catalog comparison. Looks like the PPMXL position was closest.

Tangra light curve file

Original prediction from TT14

Observation Report on RASNZ Occsection web site