(4460) Bihoro occults UCAC2 23764974 for 3.74 sec

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A low probability event recorded with a 14" LX-200 ACF using F/3.3 focal reducer and an ADVS system with a Flea3 video camera running at 3.75 fps fps with Gamma of 4.000. This was my second LinOccult only predicted event for which I observed a positive.

Light curve. A timing correction of -1 frame (-259 ms) has been applied to the times given below.

Light curve of the occulted star (blue) and a comparison star

The target before, during and after the occultation.

The field of view before the occultation with a marked target star.

The ADVS settings used in the recording during the occultation.

Tangra-2 light curve file