WAT-910BD TACOS System


The system for computer control of the WAT-910BD board camera has been developed by The Australian Contributors for Occultation Science (TACOS). The system can be built and used free of charge by anyone capable of building it on their own. This will require soldering electronic components, building a mechanical housing for the camera, installing and using software and drivers, uploading Arduino firmware. TACOS does not provide any warranties or support and the system is provided AS-IS. You can manufacture and sell the system if you so desire. TACOS cannot be held accountable for any damages that have resulted from the using of the system or any of the related materials and components, including software and firmware.

The following materials and components are provided AS-IS:

Component Remarks License
Camera Housing Copyright (c) 2014 Dave Gault and TACOS. For AutoCad drawings, contact Dave Gault.
Electronics and Arduino Firmware Copyright (c) 2014 Tony Barry and TACOS.
WAT-910BD Controller Stand-alone software. Copyright (c) 2014 Dave Herald and TACOS.


Here are some images taken during the development of the system. They are provided for your reference.