Tangra Video Capture - ASCOM Video Driver

This is a free generic DirectShow-based Video driver that can record in AVI format. The driver is developed in C# and using the DirectShow.NET library. It is provided with source code and can be used as a base for a driver for any video camera that allows capturing via DirectShow.

 DOWNLOAD the latest version of Tangra Video Capture (v1.0.10)

More information about how to extend Tangra Video Capture and build your own driver for your video camera can be found here.

ASCOM Video Reference Client in C#

The Video Reference Client is a complete WinForms application entirely written in C# and available with source code under a MIT license. It demonstrates how to use a video driver to render and record a video and to control a video camera. Please feel free to use it as a starting point for your .NET application or use snippets from it as you see fit in your project.

The code demonstrates different ways in which the video frames can be rendered. This includes the usage of the PreviewBitmap directly or the usage of the ImageArray property together with the CameraImage helper class from ASCOM.Utilities.Video assembly. There are also two levels of the driver client isolation that the main application offers - all driver access code can either run on a separate thread or can run on the main UI thread of the application.

 DOWNLOAD the latest version of the ASCOM Video Reference Client

WAT-910BD - ASCOM Video Driver (In Progress)

Once completed, the WAT-910BD ASCOM Video driver will be available for download here.

It will require an Arduino based micro-controller that communicates with the camera using its SPI interface and communicates with the computer using a serial interface over USB. More details will be published once they become available. Please come back around April 2014.

Discussion about ASCOM IVideo

The development of the IVideo interface took almost two years. For a reference, the reasoning behind - why are things built the way they are - this information is still available on the old Provisional Video web page.