(134340) Pluto occults UCAC3 141-302444 for 130+ sec

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A Pluto occultation recorded with WAT-120N+ via 14" LX-200 ACF with F/3.3 focal reducer. Unfortunately a technical problem prevented me from recording the beginning of the occultation. The light curve starts with the already fully occulted star, then a gradual reappearance from the atmosphere.

Light curve with the approximate times of the full reappearance and the gradual reappearance from the atmosphere. Normalization and 32 frames binning has been applied.

Light curve showing "Signal-Only" series this time normalized on the yellow comparison star.

Light curve with no normalisation and 8 frame binning showing a Comparison Star (pink) and Pluto + Target Star (blue)

The star field with the measured objects

Catalog comparison. Note that the original prediction is against a star position derived by the Rio group and Bruno Sicardy. The UCAC4 position is way off.

Original prediction from TNOExtras (Based on a prediction by Bruno Sicardy and the Rio Team)