(1241) Dysona occults 2UCAC 27213579 for 5.29 sec +/- 0.08 sec

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Observed with a 14" LX-200 ACF using F/3.3 focal reducer and a WAT-910HX video camera running at 8 integrated fields (x4 frames) with Gamma of 1.000 and Gain of 40 dB. The video was recorded unattended using OccuRec. This was my first positive event recorded using the new AAV format as well as my first ever occultation recorded unattended.

Light curve.

Light curve of the occulted star (blue) and a comparison star

The target before, during and after the occultation.

The field of view before the occultation with a marked target star.

The AAV settings during the occultation.

Tangra-3 light curve file